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  • Lower minting price than Public minting.

  • At least 2 legendary editions (1/1 editions that grant ETH price) among the Whitelist-Reserved NFTs.

  • 3D avatar will come with exclusive items in Phase 3.

  • Claim exclusive merch once the shop is open in Phase 3.

Public Minting


  • Exclusive Merch Access.

  • Holder Giveaways, Lotteries and games.

  • Create your own content with your IDC Avatar (Phase 3).

  • Community game nights using your IDC Avatars! (Phase 3).

  • Metaverse access with your IDC Avatar! (Phase 4).

Whitelist Minting


  • Wallets that mint on Public launch day can claim free merch once the shop is open in Phase 3.

  • Legendary tokens grant ETH price.


  • Community building: Twitter, Website and Discord launch.

  • Launch the collection of 7888 Inner Dragons Club into the metaverse.

Phase 3:  Avatars!

  • Delivery of the Metaverse-Ready Avatars. Animate them and create your own content!

  • Development and delivery of more user friendly ways to interact with your avatar and control them.

  • Activate and fund the community wallet. (The community will decide best use of this funds).

Phase 5: The Future

  • Plans for future could include Inner Dragons Club own Metaverse, P2E, etc...

Phase 2: Development and Rewards

  • Development of full body Metaverse-Ready avatar of your Inner Dragons Club token.

  • Development and release of Official merch store. WL minters and Launch day minters can claim their rewards! Access to all holders.

  • Partnering with a rarity site.

  • Giveaways, Lotteries and more!

Phase 4: The Metaverse

  • The metaverse action begins!

  • Interoperability with as many stablished metaverse platforms as possible.

Phase 1: Launching the collection

Legendary 1/1 Editions

Mint one of the following Legendary Inner Dragons and win ETH 

At leaset 2 Legendary Editions reserved for Whitelist mints

Mint this and win 1 ETH


Mint this and win 1 ETH


Mint this and win 1 ETH


Mint this and win 1 ETH


Inner Dragons Club © 2022

Manifest your Inner Dragon into the Metaverse!


Inner Dragons Club is a collection of 7888 unique 3D artworks generated from a set of hundreds of traits and living on the Ethereum blockchain.


They are designed to empower everyone going through tough times by representing that inner strength, courage, resilience and pride that everyone carries inside.

When we say "Manifest your Inner Dragon into the Metaverse!" we mean it. Every Inner Dragons Club NFT holder will receive a full body 3D metaverse-ready avatar using Epic Games Tech resulting in a 1 to 1 match of each minted edition.

In addition to The Metaverse, they will be compatible with games and films...



Founder, 3D Artist, Games/VR/AR Developer


Founder, Resource Management, WEB 3 Researcher


WEB 3 Developer


Marketing, Community

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